The Importance Of Discovering Your ONE True Desire

Why the hell do I need to know my ONE desire?

It’s a no brainer!

One of the biggest reasons people are left unfulfilled, achievement after achievement, is because the things they accomplish don’t contribute to their TRUE big picture.

Achieving for the sake of collecting achievements is not only silly but a huge waste of time…

It’s even worse when you’ve spent your life checking tasks, milestones, and big achievements off your list only to realize that your big picture goal isn’t actually yours at all, but something you thought you wanted based off of familial, societal, or cultural expectations.

Hell, many people will go their entire life without getting to know their true self or realizing the desires true to their being.

This is exactly why I want to talk to you about the importance of discovering your ONE desire!


Take Time To Discover Your True Desires

When potential clients come to me about coaching, one of their questions is usually “How long will this take?” There’s no hard and fast answer to this question and it’s totally dependent on the individual.

Some people come to me and say things like, “I’d love to make $100,000.00 a year!” and I’m all… “Cool! Why?”

As you can imagine, the HOW comes from their skills, talents, and passions, and generally uncovers itself with discovery work and time. On the flip side, it can be a process to discover both your why and your how and admit they’re real.

So many times, we undercut ourselves, minimize our life’s worth of experience, and believe that the thing we really want is so fucking crazy that there’s NO WAY we’re gonna get there so we might as well just focus on what’s within reach right now.

Which is why I have no clue how long it’ll take to get someone from uhhh… to ah-ha!

But, I’ll tell you this, if you only focus on what’s within reach…

You’ll never achieve your deep inner desires!

This is why it is so important to do the inner work it takes to discover your desires and be wild and courageous during the process.


Affirm Your True Desires

Once you discover what it is you really want from life, take a moment to affirm it with conviction!

Crazy things happen when you affirm to yourself what you really want, and even crazier things happen when you write them down, and the crazy doesn’t stop there! Once you confide in someone else and affirm your desires to them… you will feel even more internal shifts.

And affirming your desires isn’t just something you do for yourself… Oh, no no…

When you write down what you want, look at it, and read it aloud with conviction, you’re telling the Universe:

“I want this shit and I’m going to have it because I’m ready to start working for it and I’m letting YOU know that I’m open to accept the gifts you’ve been holding for me.”

That’s right, when you affirm your desire, the Universe gets the signal that you’re ready and you’re coming for what’s yours.

When I was beta testing Assess That Shit! with clients, they shared that one of the greatest transformations throughout the process was how real their desires felt after affirming them. It’s powerful shit!


Realize Your Big Picture

Up to this point, you may have been thinking, “Nothing she’s said so far has anything to do with the IMPORTANCE of discovering your one desire.”

Well, this is the turning point!

When you take the time to discover your desires and affirm them, you start to see a whole new future take shape.

You realize YOUR big picture!

With every breath you take, you gain even more clarity about what your big picture means to YOU and how to make it real.

Soon, you’ll start to see that your big picture really is your ONE thing before it get’s simplified and condensed into a snazzy one-liner that you’ll excitedly spit out after your name and title during introductions.

This realization will shift everything…

It will set you free!


Everything Up To This Point Is Not Lost

Now that you’ve got your big picture in mind and you’re working toward your “one” desire, you may be thinking, “Man, this is a long fucking way off…”

You’re might be wondering how you’ll achieve it and how the hell you’re gonna make it real.

This is the awesome thing about knowing your one desire: Now, you can look at your skills, talents, and passions that align with your big picture and create an offering that will allow you to generate profits while still being in alignment with, and working toward, what you truly want.

You heard me!

Everything you’ve done up to this point WILL serve you in creating the life you want. Everything you’ve experienced has happened for a reason and exists solely to serve you in the creation of your ideal life. All of the good, the bad, the uuuuggggllllyyyy…

It ALL has happened to you for a reason!

Yeah, the happiness and sadness, bliss and pain, and the tranquility and trauma…

Everything that has happened, all that you have experienced, and every ounce of who you are today, in this moment, serves you fully and completely.

It’s time to move forward empowered in knowing that you are on the right path, you’re discovering what you want, you’ve set forth to achieve it and the Universe has provided you everything you need to make it happen.


Work Toward Your One Thing

Just as all streams, lakes, and rivers, one way or another, eventually make their way to one body of water — all tasks, achievements, and major milestones should lead to your one desire.

There’s no more achieving for the sake of collecting achievements…

There’s no more trying things just to see if it’s what you’ll want to spend your life doing…

There are no more questions about being on the right track, if you’re really living up to your potential, or if you’ll ever be able to build the life you desire.

And there sure as fuck won’t be any more beating yourself up over not being where you think you should be!

You’ll know that everything you do is leading you to exactly where you want to be because you’ll see that all of your efforts are moving you toward that once elusive big picture.

THIS is the importance of discovering your one desire, the big picture.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this process isn’t easy, but it’s the most crucial step to take because it brings so much clarity to your life!

So, I challenge you to be BRAVE enough to ask yourself what your true desires are and go forth with COURAGE in uncovering that which you seek.

Live Rad,


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